Company Profile

Business Introduction

Cleaning and Facility Management


We offer efficient support for facility life cycle management. Why not reduce your cleaning and facility management costs prone to be unexpectedly overlooked?

Cleaning and facility management are essential in building maintenance. In addition to routine work, we always try to improve our service by accurately understanding your demands and actual usage, so that we can provide the maximum effect.

Restaurant Operation

Our professional skills are sure to meet your requests for operation, such as thorough hygienic control and environmental consciousness.

We not only serve delicious and safe dishes, but we offer heart-warming and cordial service for the word “Thank you” given by restaurant users.


Operation of Guest House and Resort Facility


We offer optimum facility management with our “cordial hospitality.”

We earnestly operate public resort facilities as one of designated administrators. We work for improvement not only in equipment but also in operation.
This leads to contribution to the society.

Operation/Management of Showroon, Meseum, Commercial and Training Facilities

We offer you the highest quality service with hospitality and excellent courtesy and manner to customers developed based on our experience over the years.

We train staff so that they have sophisticated courtesy and manner to customers and specialized knowledge required for respective purposes.

With such trained staff allocated, we operate different museums/showrooms of automobiles/houses. In addition, we extensively operate various commercial/training facilities.