Business Introduction

We promise to offer optimum services to our "customers."

In towns, various buildings and facilities receive many people gathering for their respective purposes. Keeping each of the buildings more comfortable with better functionality, we are ready to offer you our customized "total solutions" meeting your needs from "customer's viewpoint", not only in the existing fields mentioned below but also in other fields through the know-how cultivated in the past.

Security Service


We provide solid security and safety services based on trust and significant achievements obtained through guarding Toyota Motor Corporation over the years.

As a member of Toyota Group, we provide thorough security service to respond to various situations at all times with a monolithic sense of mission and passion.

Human Support


We provide assured personnel services backed by the credibility of Toyota Motor Corporation.
With the know-how and excellent quality of services cultivated as a subsidiary wholly owned by Toyota Motor Corporation, we support your further business expansion through the wide range of our human support service lineup including personnel dispatch, recruitment, customer center operation, outsourcing, overseas business and translation.

Cleaning and Facility Management


We offer efficient support for facility life cycle management. Why not reduce your cleaning and facility management costs prone to be unexpectedly overlooked?
Cleaning and facility management are essential in building maintenance. In addition to routine work, we always try to improve our service by accurately understanding your demands and actual usage, so that we can provide the maximum effect.

Office Administration Support and Company Dormitory/Condominium Management


We help realize comfortable and functional office/residential environment where you can stay focused on your work.
We offer optimum services including comfortable and functional office/residential environment so that you can always stay focused on your work.

Restaurant Operation


Our professional skills are sure to meet your requests for operation, such as thorough hygienic control and environmental consciousness.
We not only serve delicious and safe dishes, but we offer heart-warming and cordial service for the word “Thank you” given by restaurant users.

Merchandise Sales


Our one-stop merchandise development can be realized with the Toyota brand. We plan creative and effective promotional goods as your marketing drives.
We not only plan/sell our original merchandise, but also plan/produce various kinds of merchandise to meet your needs, such as goods for special/commemorative/celebratory events or other purposes.

Insurance Agent


We are proud of comprehensive strength in insurance field. You can trust us to handle risk management on insurance.
Our main clients are business persons at respective ages. To make each customer smile, our financial planner offers our clients, individuals or companies, optimum business insurance plan or other plans from the viewpoint of individual lives or corporate management, respectively.

Landscaping and Greeny Maintenance


Our staff, who have national qualification for landscaping or garden construction, suggest and provide total support in land measurement, design, landscaping works and management from the customer’s points of view.
By talking up your demands closely, we understand your existing concerns and are ready to continuously suggest the best solution for you.

Operation of Coin-operated Parking(Parking Consulting)


Through our unique consultation on utilization of your parking lot, we suggest you “more effective use” of your parking lot and building.
We totally plan measures to use the land/existing parking lot effectively and to operate/manage the shop parking lots/parking buildings owned by companies or individuals.

Support of Automobile Research and Development Evaluation


Our professional engineers work at Toyota Technical Center. Why not order them to conduct your actual work of tests and evaluations?
Our engineers, who have high-level technical skills, support a broad range of development activities, aiming at becoming the best partner of Toyota Motor Corporation in automobile development. Especially, we conduct various tests and evaluations for development of new Toyota cars.

Operation of Guest House and Resort Facility


We offer optimum facility management with our “cordial hospitality.”
We earnestly operate public resort facilities as one of designated administrators. We work for improvement not only in equipment but also in operation.
This leads to contribution to the society.

Operation/Management of Showroom, Museum, Commercial and Training Facilities


We offer you the highest quality service with hospitality and excellent courtesy and manner to customers developed based on our experience over the years.
We train staff so that they have sophisticated courtesy and manner to customers and specialized knowledge required for respective purposes.
With such trained staff allocated, we operate different museums/showrooms of automobiles/houses. In addition, we extensively operate various commercial/training facilities.

Training Service


According to your needs, our specialists of customer handling provide a wide variety of training programs.
We are proud of having developed many manner specialists. We provide you with the know-how of human development obtained through operations at Toyota Motor Corporation as practical training programs.