We aim the total service solution company that creates many "thanks".

Since its establishment in1952, Toyota Enterprise Inc. (TEP) has been developed while expanding its work range and responsibility in line with expansion of business operation and outsourcing of work contents at its corporate customers.

However, we are now in the midst of industrial structure change due to technological innovation.

In response to every company’s challenge for big change in its business structure, we are facing ever-changing requests for our work and responsibility from our corporate customers. In other words, our work currently requested is changed from “work that we surely do what is requested from customers” to “work that we create values and make a proposal for something one step ahead.”

To address this change, our company showed companywide our mid- and long-range Vision in 2010.

In the Vision, we described the image of our company in the future beyond this change as follows: a total service solution company that creates many “thanks.”Creating many “thanks” implies that we would like to be a company who can achieve contribution to not only our customers but also society by constantly creating and providing different services ahead of customer’s needs by ourselves.

Besides, we hope that we will be a company “indispensable” for customers by suggesting our ideas of solution against customer’s concerns.
Your on-going guidance and support in the future will be highly appreciated.

President Yukio Takase